There's Room For All

Sharing the road is what motorists need to become accustomed to in Austin, TX as they are becoming busier than ever. Bicyclists are part of the rage. Those of us at South Point Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram know the importance of safety, and many aspects fit in the greater category of safety. Staying mindful of the road is especially important.

Eyes On The Road

Paying attention to the roadways is half the battle in avoiding bicyclists. If you are looking at your lane and the general surroundings instead of your cell phone, then you are on the right track. If you are passing a bicyclist who is in the bike lane, give them at least three feet while you drive by. Beyond what you can do as a driver, come see the safety features on the vehicles in our showroom.

Safety features aren't futile. Some are extremely functional. Take a test drive to see for yourself how safety features transform driving.

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